Welcome to my corner of Neocities/The Internet! I am still not quite sure what I plan on using this all for, but I do sure think that the new-old personal web is neat!

... and I've just realised I haven't said anything about who I am, but rest assured that this is because I am entirely too lazy to write a bio.

Anyway, I made the background image of this site using TartanMaker, which I found via Nathalie Lawhead's website. It's a website I recommend in general, and will probably include on any Links page, should I make one.

Buttons and stuff!

Going all in on the Web 1.0 vibes here! This is something that may get its own page at some point but for now....

Keep the Web Free Say No To Web 3, links to the Yesterweb anti-Web 3 manifesto.
You are A WITCH.
a sprite of a bunny dressed up as a witch
Hall-O-Zine 2021